Nowadays, there are many teeth whitening solutions available on the market and that’s you should be carefully about the whitening products that you purchase. These products are highly recommended for removing stains and getting rid of teeth discoloration.

If done correctly using the right products, whitening your teeth can really improve your smile and the general health of your teeth. This procedure need to be done several times if you want to maintain the brightening colour of your teeth. In this light, there are a few whitening solutions that you should avoid.

Here are reasons why you should avoid majority of teeth whitening products:

Contain strong chemicals – The truth is, there are a few products that safe to use but majority of them are made using chemicals that are harmful to your health. In addition, DIY and over-the-counter whitening products are not recommended. They are believed to contain a higher amount of whitening solution than the required amount. Other products may also have low amount of whitening solution.

Inability to clean well: Brightening your teeth may require some time, but there are products that won’t do the job thoroughly even if you do it several times.

Increases sensitivity – One side effect of using whitening products that are not approved or recommended by your dentist is that they can damage your teeth seriously. The problem can be much worse if your teeth are sensitive. The chemicals found in the majority of whitening solutions can aggravate your sensitivity and even make it much worse. If you happen to have any kind or recession or decay, things can be really bad for you if you use products that contain high or low whitening solutions.

Whitening Solutions to Avoid

Over the counter whitening products– As mentioned earlier, majority of these products may contain a higher or lower concentration of whitening solution.

DIY whitening products–DIY whitening products such as lemon paste of strawberry paste will not give you the results that you are looking for.

Laser whitening – Statistics show that laser whitening is not as effective as advertised. In fact, chances are that the machines can cause damage to your teeth by devitalizing your nerve. What’s more, many people who run whitening kiosks have no medical background or license.

So, it’s very important for you to seek professional help before you decide to use any whitening product. Do not be fooled by whitening solutions that have many reviews on social media or celebrity face. If you care about your teeth, you should seek professional help.

Why You Should Avoid Majority of Teeth Whitening Products

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