Forget your central heating – a log fire is the way ahead, in terms of both cash and health benefits. While none of us fancy chopping up logs except perhaps for the super fit. A nice study has found that if more of us in Glasgow ditched the central heating and switch to wood fires we could have slightly richer lives. Real log and coal fire warms the body but it also have health benefits that give us a glow and make us feel good. For a good while now home fires has been the focal point for family, comfort not to mention that pets love them too.

There are more facts for the case against central heating systems and perhaps you should think more before going for a new heating system installation.

  1. Stoves are 80% cheaper to run
  2. They help get rid of old wood so are good for the environment.
  3. They are an excellent source of exercise chopping up the wood and lifting the coal.

We are not saying that central heating systems in Glasgow are going to fade away overnight but the case for open fires is certainly been made.

The Health Benefits of a Log Fire

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