In an age of smartphones and instant selfies, how many times have you tried to hide that smile because your Social Six aren’t aligned the way you’d love them to be? For those of you who are wondering what they are, the term refers to the six teeth in the upper jaw which are clearly visible every time you flash that million-dollar smile.

When you feel confident, you are bound to smile more, speak to new people without hesitation and get the job done in almost every scenario. Six month smiles aims at transforming your look completely by combining the best of traditional braces with modern-day technology that enables these versatile braces to be worn without any difficulty or making a scene when in public.

Short-Term Solution, Long-Term Benefits

People have a misconception that when it comes to using braces, they are supposed to spend years wearing them, and those pesky aluminium materials make the wearer feel awkward for ages. However, powered by Lucid-Lok clear braces and wires designed to match the tooth colour, this new implementation can bring about massive changes in just six months, and they last for years.

Comfort is the Key

Most short-term solutions provided by dentists and trained experts in the past include side effects such as extra tightening so as to get the desired results, within a specific time period. Comfort is given utmost priority in the Six Month Smiles program which ensures those braces can be worn with low force and are versatile enough to be removed during orthodontic appointments.

Bringing Out the Tooth’s Aesthetics

Most braces often tend to alter the shape of the tooth so much that you may feel uncomfortable when taking a bite. Instead of altering what is present, the light braces and brackets are aligned on a specific tooth so as to bring out the aesthetics in a pleasant manner. In turn, they help you smile with confidence and look ravishingly good. Visible improvements on your Social Six teeth is guaranteed within just four months while the time you wear it could vary based on individual requirements.

Individuals who have suffered for many years to get their teeth set in the right position and feel comfortable with the way they look can confidently get treated through the Six Month Smiles program which produces authentic results within the least possible time period and without any discomfort. When your outlook starts changing, you are sure to feel more confident than ever and experience the benefits of having straighter teeth.

How Can Six Month Smiles Transform Your Look?

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