Out of all the dental procedures requested, teeth whitening is the one most people ask for. There are a number of ways to obtain whiter teeth through dental procedures, but not many can claim to be as effective as laser teeth whitening.

It’s not a procedure that every dental office provides, so you will need to check with your dentist beforehand to make sure you can have the process done where you want it. It’s best if you do have it done through a local dentist, as the process usually takes several treatments to be successful.

Laser teeth whitening is accomplished by applying a gel to the teeth. This gel is comprised of concentrated hydrogen peroxide. When the laser passes over the gel, it activates it, causing the gel to react with the teeth and create a whitening effect. The dentist will use a concentration level of the gel that is appropriate for the level of staining on your teeth.

This gel can damage the surrounding tissue, so mouth retractors and gum dams will be placed around the mouth to prevent any pain to the gums and lips. The dentist may also suggest a special toothpaste that is ideal for sensitive teeth to help make recovery easier. That’s because laser whitening can be uncomfortable for a while. Your dentist may also suggest that you perform some whitening techniques at home to ensure the effect is permanent.

The entire process for a single visit only takes about an hour. You will likely have to visit a few more times in order to achieve perfectly white teeth, but that will all depend on how severe the stains on your teeth are.

While laser teeth whitening is very effective, it is also the most expensive whitening method. You’ll want to keep that in mind as you look at your options and discuss with your dentist about the cost of the procedure before you agree to the first treatment. It’s a good idea to have a consultation session with your dentist and discuss any questions and concerns you may have. You should get pricing information at this time as well.

This technique may not be suitable for everyone. Before you undergo laser teeth whitening, a dentist will have to evaluate you and make sure that you are a viable candidate. If there are health concerns with your case, then you may not be allowed to undergo the treatment. Also keep in mind that this is a relatively new procedure, so it hasn’t undergone as extensive testing other forms of whitening and it may not be as widely available as them either.

A Guide to Laser Teeth Whitening

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